Democrats seek answers about Trump “making money” from Saudi Arabia




Two Democratic Senators wrote to President Donald Trump on Friday criticizing his response to a Saudi journalist's murder and asking about what the President may be receiving for himself from Saudi government payments.



The letter ACCUSES the President of giving support to the Saudi government's unbelievable stories and denials, and asks if he is acting in the best interests of the USA or himself. They want more information about both questions.



Democrats are hoping to win the US House of Representatives after the midterm elections in November and have plans to open investigations into Trump's tax returns and, business interests and whether there was any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.



The President recently changed his mind on the fate of the journalist who went missing in Turkey, more than two weeks ago. The President said for the first time on Thursday that he believes he is no longer alive. But he doesn't want to blame the Saudis and accepts and publicly supports their denials.



Trump's financial ties with the Saudis date back to the 1990s and reports say that his hotels in Washington and New York are making a lot of money from Saudi customers.



Democratic (adj.) – one of the two major political parties is the USA

Senator (n.) – an elected member of the upper house (the Senate) in the USA congress

Accuse (v.) – claims that someone has done something wrong

Denial (n.)– claim that something is not true

Collusion (n.) – secret or illegal conspiracy or plot to deceive others






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